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Synergy Studio
Jacksonville, FL
3576 St. Johns Ave.


Featured Educator: Lynn
Peterson PT

Principles  Jan 19-20, 2013
S/R 1        Feb 2-3, 2013
S/R 2        March 2-3, 2013
S/R 3        Apr 13-14, 2013
S/R 4        May 4-5, 2013
S/R 5        Jun  1-2, 2013
S/R 6        July 13-14, 2013

Advanced Teacher Training:
Open the Gate  March 9, 2013

This course provides in-depth instruction on assessing and improving gait. Learn functional and dysfunctional gait mechanics and movement patterns, as well as the relationship between gait and Pilates. We will use Polestar’s unique principles to facilitate qualitative analysis in gait. “Open the Gait” to improved gait patterns in yourself and future clients.

Rotational Sports March 10, 2013

 Polestar Education’s Rotational Sports course teaches Pilates practitioners to incorporate Pilates exercises into the training/rehabilitation sessions of these athletes to develop greater stability, core control, and range of motion while decreasing fatigue, injuries, and biomechanical issues.


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