What Is Pilates ?

Pilates is a philosophy of movement based on an understanding of the human body’s natural movement patterns. Flexing, extending, twisting, articulating and stabilizing are basic movements that the body performs on a daily basis. By strengthening and conditioning the muscles involved in performing these basic movements, Pilates returns balance to the body and helps ensure uniform development. This conditioning greatly strengthens the underlying musculature while enhancing flexibility. You can achieve tremendous strength and tone by practicing Pilates, but this pales in comparison to the overall health and wellness benefits you will realize.

Experiencing movement in this way has marked effects on circulation and breathing, affecting both the nervous and endocrine systems. Since you cannot affect one part of the body without affecting the whole, Pilates can also enhance your mental and emotional well-being. If you truly commit to this incredible method, you’ll notice that it will affect everything you do in your life. Your new awareness will transfer into the way you walk, sit, move, speak, think, react, respond, relate and recover. When this happens, you will truly know what it means to embody Pilates!

In his book, “Return to Life,” Joseph Pilates wrote about how the process of taking control of one’s body and health also revitalizes the mind and spirit. By becoming more aware of your bodily sensations, you develop a heightened awareness of yourself. This can unlock the wisdom you need to realize your full potential. Whether you want to acquire a skill for movement, overcome mental and emotional fears surrounding past pain or injury, or just feel so fantastic in your own skin that you truly believe you can accomplish anything, the Pilates Method can help you accomplish this!