Welcome to Synergy Studio

Welcome to the website for Synergy Studio in Jacksonville, Florida. You are probably here to find out more information about us: who we are, what we do, what is different about the way we deliver our pilates, physical therapy, and massage services as compared to the many other options you have to access these services.

If you have questions about what pilates is, click here, if you have questions about what physical therapy is click here and if you have questions about the benefits of massage, click here.

A little bit more about Synergy Studio...

The concept of the studio was inspired by similar businesses in 1999 in big cities in states such as Florida with laws providing direct access to physical therapy. The studio opened in 2000 in its current Avondale location. Our business model provides a continuum of care from injury to wellness, however you do not need to have an injury to benefit from what Synergy Studio has to offer. We are licensed medical professionals, Physical Therapists (PT) and Massage Therapists (LMT) who have had comprehensive training through Polestar Pilates Education, LLC and have completed the rigorous post course testing. We combine the genius of Joseph Pilates’ work with the science of western medicine and the wisdom of eastern medicine in an effort to truly treat the whole patient/client rather than their symptom or symptoms. As PTs why would we want to do such a thing when insurance wants us only to focus on the diagnosis that is written on the referral slip? The answer is simple and easy, we want people to not only heal their injury but also to learn how to prevent future injury. In the insurance driven model of physical therapy it is financially rewarding to have a patient return multiple times with multiple sites of injury or with a chronic complaint. The Synergy Studio model rejects that paradigm. What we do every day is elevate physical therapy with pilates because our patients learn how to balance strength and flexibility throughout their bodies and wake up their nervous systems to effect fundamental changes in how they move. Mr. Pilates was a pioneer in this philosophy of the body. Few people are familiar with his other opinions on balancing work and rest, hygiene, the need for time outdoors, and many other lifestyle choices. You can read about his views in his only books  “Return to Life through Contrology”(1945) and “Your Health” (1934).

Hopefully you have the idea that we are about much more than what the exterior of the body looks like. We want you to feel your best and approach life with energy, or as Joe Pilates said it best of all “spontaneous zest and pleasure”!!

As you explore the website we hope to answer most of your questions. If we missed something we always respond to email inquiries at synergystudio@bellsouth.net and voice mails left at 904-387-9355, please contact us so that we can help you. Thank you.

Synergy Studio is a Registered with the State of Florida as:

  • Health Studio #HS6833
  • Massage Establishment #MM10819